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Affiliate Programme

PurrfectFiesta is excited to offer our Affiliate Program, designed to reward our partners for introducing new members to our community. This policy outlines how points are earned through the program and how they can be redeemed for rewards.

Earning Points
Sign-Up Rewards: Affiliates will receive 5 points for each new member they refer who successfully signs up at PurrfectFiesta.
Tracking: Points are tracked automatically through our affiliate dashboard, which affiliates can access using their registered account.

Redeeming Points
Discount Threshold: Once an affiliate accumulates 100 points, they are eligible to claim a discount code for 10% off their next purchase.

Claim Process: To claim the discount, affiliates must log in to their dashboard on our official website and select the option to redeem their points.

Usage: The discount code is applicable to purchases made through the PurrfectFiesta official website. The discount code cannot be converted into cash and must be used within the stipulated expiry period provided at the time of issuance.

Terms and Conditions
Exclusivity: Points and discount codes are exclusive to the account of the affiliate and cannot be transferred or sold.
Modifications: PurrfectFiesta reserves the right to update or modify this policy at any time. All affiliates will be notified of significant changes prior to them taking effect.
Limitations: Discount codes:
Cannot be combined with other offers or promotions.
Are not applicable on certain exclusions that PurrfectFiesta may specify at the time of the discount code issuance.

Contact and Support
For any questions or assistance related to the Affiliate Program, please contact our support team at:


Affiliates are encouraged to read and understand this policy thoroughly to maximize the benefits of participating in the PurrfectFiesta Affiliate Program.

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